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OpenText ProVision Training - 102 EA

Two Day Course Curriculum

The advanced 102 Enterprise Architecture Modelling training course is conducted over two days and is frequently followed by a few days of consultancy to get the modelling exercise off to a good start. This course requires students to have previously attended the 101 Business Process Modelling Course. At the end of the course, the students will be able (with some initial consultancy support) to create their own EA models in a multi-user environment.

  • Objective - to understand how Enterprise Architecture modelling defines the circumstances and conditions in which each business process operates.
  • Enterprise Architecture Frameworks, e.g. TOGAF, Zachman, Gartner.
  • Industry Process Frameworks, e.g. ITIL, SCOR, DCOR, CCOR, eTOM.
  • Finance/Governance Frameworks, e.g. Sarbanes Oxley.
  • Hierarchy models – specifically Location, Environmental Influence, Technology, Capability, Plan, Project and Requirement.
  • Methodology models - specifically Strategy, Deployment, Platform, System Interaction, Storyboard and Use Case.
  • Information models - specifically Business Class (ER), Subtype, Package, Operation, Sequence and Statechart.
  • Customising operation, e.g. custom objects, custom properties, custom associations and links.
  • Customising languages, e.g. Zachman, TOGAF, BPMN, UML, Information Engineering and Rummler-Brache.
  • Service Oriented Architecture.
  • Using Associations - Navigator Model, Navigation Report & Navigation Grid.
  • Dimensions
  • ProVision Interfaces, e.g. MS Visio, MS Project, ERwin, MS Excel and BPEL.

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